Speedo Wires Thru ODO tube????

This sounds a little far out, but I preffer to call it elegant.:D

Has anyone ever tried routing their digital speedo (Panoram, BC80, etc.) wires through the ODO cable tube, with the ODO cable removed?

I was going to have a look this weekend at gutting the odo drive unit and mounting the magnet and sensor in there, then running the wires up the tube :worthy:.

Advantages: Cool :D , bullet proof wires, no odo spacer or plug required. :D Factory look too.

Disadvantages: can't unscrew odo cable to remove wheel :) , may be fun getting the sensor mounted :D

You would have to be sure water couldn't enter the tube at the top also.

If I have a go this weekend, I'll take pics of the process for any other weirdo :) who wants to try it as well.

In the case of the Trail Tech computer, the pickup mounts on the brake side opposite the speedo drive. I don't see how you could make your idea work. :)

I'm with radrick. How will this work with the magnet in the brake rotor and where are you going to mount the sensor? You may also have to cut the wire in order to feed it through the odo cable cuz one end is attached to the sensor and the other ene goes straight to the docking cradle. I wouldn't want to cut the trail tech wire and then splice it together again.

No, I wouldn't cut a good pickup, but I've got a half dozen pickups around here (bicycle speedos) and would use one of those. The pickup will attach to the odo "trip meter gear unit" (that's what the book calls it) and the magnet will glue to the hub, about where the odo gear engaged.

I don't have the Trail Tech unit yet (got outbid on ebay :) ), but I can use one of the cheapo speedos laying around here until I get one. I'm assuming the Trail Tech has a magnetic reed switch like all the other speedos out there.

as a commentary to the most recent post, bike speedo pick ups are a bit tricky to work with as the spoke size is much smaller than on a moto wheel and have smaller mags, with less ability to be read. With that being said, I have a clearance priced $15 cateye bike speedo with the cable attached to the orig speedo cable and pick up on the non-disk side of the wheel in the spokes. I JB welded the mag. pick up in the spokes and it has worked very well for over a year. Only thing you have to do is extend the length of the wire to the computer so it can reach the bars and you have a great inexpensive speedo with lots of funtionality. :)

I think it sounds slick - I'd like to see photos of your finished product.

I once put a bicycle computer on my old DR350, about 12 years ago. It worked great, I just taped the wiring along my front brake hose. I mounted the magnet on a disc spoke and tucked the sensor in behind the caliper. You may just want to consider doing likewise, and tossing the odometer cable and drive unit altogether, saving a bit of weight in the process?

Cedric, the only challenge I had is if I mounted it on the brake cable instaed of odo cable I could not get the sensor close enough to get a read from the magnet. My previous ride was a CR250. With the Honda brake routing, I could get the sensor close enough. I did try to mount the sensor in the disk, but the positon of the pick-up in where i could mount it was much more vulnerable than tucked neatly inside on the odo cable...

It was probably a bit easier with the non-inverted (regular?) fork on my old DR, there was less going on down there.

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