pismo dunes

I'm taking my 2001 yamaha wr426 to oceana dunes on the 4th of july. I just bought it and this will be my first time on the dunes. Anyone ride something similar out there. I'm curious how it will do. I bought a king paddle tire and a I'm installing a v2 gpr stabilizer before I go.

I cant wait. Hope it does good.

I was out there about a month and a half ago on my 99WR400, aling with my buddy and his 05 WR450. I would be carefull in the back part of Pismo. Real soft sand and before I left that weekend I found out how soft it gets back there. You should be fine, and have lots of fun, just be carefull. There are so many people out there, and to top it off they rent ATV and small Sand rails out there. Lot of people that have no idea what they are doing. Got to see someone get airlifted out last time. You will have fun but for gods sake keep out of the water. By no means get close to it or ride through it. The rust will eat your bike alive. They make a special spray coating that you can apply before you get out there so that it protects from the salt. I did it and my friend with the new 05 did not. Guess what, he has rust on some parts of his bike now and I dont.

I ran a 8 paddle rear tire with a 46 tooth rear sprocket and AWSOME FUN although if you go on a weekend WATCH OUT major circus and lifeflight is a daily occurance on weekends, when heading into dunes on bike with ocean at your back the view of the dunes is very decieving right up to the point you go off a 20-30 foot drop, go easy into dunes and blast on way out, go to competition hill at night its alive

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