stock sag???

hi every one. i have a 2002 yz426. can anyone tell me what the stock sag is for it?

Most long travel bikes seem to be set for about 100mm sag in the rear a little more in the front. That is with gear and fuel.

Measure from any reference point on the rear fender to the axle with the bike on the stand. Then, with at least your boots and helmet, stand on the pegs and have someone measure from the axle to the same point on the fender. The difference is your "race sag".

With the bike on the floor, under only its own weight, measure the same points again. The difference between this and your first measurement is your "static sag".

Race sag should be about 100mm (4"). Between 107mm and 93mm is OK (4 1/4" - 3 3/4").

Once you set the rag sag, check your static. It should be 25mm (1") with the race sag at 100mm. If it's more than that, your spring is too stiff. If it's less than 25mm, it's too soft.



thanks so much guys Illtry it tomarow...

If it's around 1" it's ok too, it will vary as you vary the race sag. 2" or a 1/4" would be bad.

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