front fork covers

anyone know where to get black fork covers for a 01 wr426. Do the yz fork covers work. thanks

this probably isn't the most interesting topic. I'm changing some plastics and its hard to find pieces for wr. There's everything for yz. Are the fork covers interchandible?


:D their the same..minus the odometer cable mounting clamp thingy :D I run a computer, so the YZ guards work fine.. :)

This was on my wr400..The same holds true for 450's :)

I put on a set of yz carbon fiber fork guards on my wr400. They look really good, you

can get them on ebay. I had to oversize a couple of the bottom holes because the

fit and finish wasn't perfect.

thanks for the imput. So the yz guards will probably work with some minor adjusting? I want some black ones.

Yes they will work just fine..I ran all yz plastic on my wr :D so does everyone else..can't beat the price @ rocky mountain :)

Polisport makes them, TT can get them for you. :)

I just put the black fork covers on my 2001 WR426. They are for the YZ.

I just zip ty'ed the odometer cable to the guard. Works great and looks good.

right on!!!


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