Major Damage 05 450 Fork

Need some help. 05 YZ 450, replaced fork seal awhile back. Noticed a problem with damping last time riding. Just took apart fork to find that damper assembly rod had separated from the bottom adjuster bolt. Appears that damper rod bounced around in the adjuster bolt for awhile and stripped the threads on the end of the damper rod, stripped threads inside adjuster nut and welded the small internal rod inside the damper rod. The manual does not detail the damper assembly too well. I have at least two major questions here. First, why would the damper rod come undone from the adjuster bolt? When assembling last time, I tightened the adjuster bolt to the rod while holding the locknut as specified in the manual. Is there supposed to be clearance between the locknut and adjuster bolt once it is tightened down? Second, what is the most economical way to fix this? At the very least, I need a new adjuster bolt, damper rod and small (adjuster rod) inside the damper rod. Do I have to buy a whole new damper rod assembly or can it be taken apart and replace only the rod. Any assistance is appreciated.

man i dont know, that sucks.

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