Shift tip

Just got one of my Birthday gifts in the mail........ :)

Its a shift tip from Hammerhead designs, I got the +15 offset...

So far it looks nice, pretty straight foward install... :D

Xtra screw, The actual tip is a bit bigger on the OD the the stock tip..

It has 3 mounting positions, stock or you can raise or lower it with the included shims...... :D

Well I'm off to go install it, I'll let you all know how it goes..... :)

Well, I got it installed last nite, Took maybe 20 min, Nice fit....... :)

Installed it in the middle position......I might end up changing it to the upper pos. I'll wait till after a day of riding................

Slipped my boots on and took a little ride around the block and can say it will work better with my big feet.....Nice product IMO....... :)

It looks good too, Its anodized red........... :D

Pics??? Sounds interesting. Happy birthday. :)

Shifter tip is kinda cool, thanks for the pics. :)

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