YZ 450F or YZ 250F or YZ 250

I know this is a four stroke web site. But I have an opinional question for you all. I currently have an "05 TTR 230. But I am looking to get in to start racing Hare Scrambles. What opinions do yall have on a new bike I should look for. Its going to be either a YZ 450F but i am not sure if it will be to much power in tight woods, a YZ 250F but i am not sure this will have enough power for me, or a YZ 250 but i am not sure if 2 strokes are going by the way side in the way of woods racing or not and the dependibility as compared to a four stroke. If you have any comments please reply. Thanks.

All three are great bikes. Coming off the ttr I would say get the 250F. The 250 smoker is a great bike too but a little on the explosive side for woods/harescrambles...although the 05 YZ250 has the most low end of any two stroke (save a 500) that I have ever ridden.

The 250F is very strong and very nimble. You want lack power and it handles great.

I ride a 00 426 and love it, but yesterday at the track where there is also a woods course, I rode a stock 03 YZ250F on the track and in the woods. I will make a long story short, I am selling / trading my 426 for a 250F ASAP. Awesome bike! Light, nimble, plent o' power, easy to handle, etc and it was stock. When i get one, i will put a different handlebar setup for me and maybe a different silencer but that's it. It was a pleasure to ride.

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