Piston/piston ring change.

I read from the owners manual that piston rings should be changed every 1000 km (~620mi!). Quite a short interval... Also piston/cylinder inspections should take place about the same interval. Does anyone do that that often? It's a rather arduous thing to do every other week, I think..


If you look closer, it goes on to say that rings are to be changed "as needed". If you change your oil and filter often, keep your valves adjusted, and air filter fresh and oiled properly, there is no need to change rings very often at all. They only need changing if the engine starts smoking blue all the time of if the rings start rattling. By the time they start rattling, you will get blow-by and the smoking from oil burning will commence. We simply don't experience the topend wear that 2-strokes do.

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the reason the WR is detuned compared to the YZ is to save the engine from revving (read; wearing) itself to death.

if you run tthe engine as a WR i would think you're talking thousands of miles & not hundreds.


After approx 4000mi I pulled my engine down and went to the 420cc kit. The engine looked perfect inside and the rings were fine. It was the cleanest engine I had ever had taken apart.

So if you keep up the maintenance and change oil and keep the air filter clean the rings should last a long time.


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