How can I make my stock muffler louder

If you need a loud pipe in order to survive in traffic I guess we won't need to worry about you for long.

My DR650 has a Supertrapp can on it (along with the required new air filter and carb re-jetting) so it is definately louder than stock but given the sound-proofing on most modern cars now-a-days and the volume of the stereos in most of them, having a pipe loud-enough to make a difference is really only going to give more people yet another excuse to dislike motorcyclists.

In the 13 years I've been riding the DR, I have been cut-off by a car once but since I know how to ride in traffic it was no big deal. If you really want to survive in traffic, take a course in defensive riding and keep your eyes open. After you actually learn to ride in traffic, then you can start looking at louder pipes, for performance of course.


wow! that's friggin amazing. in the past year of riding my dr i've been cut off numerous times. including one jacka$$ that proceeded to make a right turn right around me at an intersection while i was waiting for traffic so i could make the right turn. he just pulled up right alongside my left side and turned right in front of me like i wasn't even there :) needless to say i gave him the old one finger salute.

I agree ,i fell the same ´´LOUD PIPES SAVES LIVES``!!!!

The Dr is too quiet ,did you drilled it with the hole saw?

Did it work?

How about riding around with your girlfriend naked on the back.

That'll work.


I just looked at my reply again and it seems kinda arrogant, sorry about that. I guess it is amazing that I've only been cut-off by a car once, considering most of my riding is around Toronto, Mississauga and the rest of southern Ontario.

The naked girl idea sounds great but that might make it worse. Kinda adds new meaning to the term "thumper" 'though.

I guess the point I should've made is to keep your eyes open. Because the DR650 is so high, I find my head is at the same height as the average SUV driver, so I get a fairly good view. Sometimes you can "second-guess" a driver, you can tell by the way they're driving or the way their head is turning that they're about to do something dumb.

The other thing that seems to help me, not to screw up the thread or anything, is a quick prayer before I ride. Can't hurt anyways.

I'm surprised more people don't use these types of bikes for commuting, they're great. I don't worry about streetcar tracks or potholes, I can get airborne over those stupid speed bumps (oops, did I just write that), my '91 is hard to steal because most people don't know how to start it and if I see a neat trail (or, uh, shortcut) on the way home, I'm in there.


This rationale is bogus. Same argument that Harley riders use. There is no scientific evidence to back up the thesis that "Loud pipes save lives".

you are an idiot, of corse louder pipes save lives, if u are riding a little ***** ass drz400, no one will be able to hear u coming, if u are riding a 1340 softail with straight through exhost, people will know u are there and that u are on a bike and may be hard to see. you are so stupid shut up and go jump in front of a damn truck!!! if i rode a drz400 on the road, i would cut the exhost off at about 12 inches from the head. that way, everyone would be able to hear me you idiot!!!!!

How old are you?

I just checked out your profile, Did you know there is a spell check button? You miss-spelled "English" on one of your posts! On another thread you asked "Why do you all hate me" duh! because you keep calling people stupid and telling them to "jump out in front of a truck".

I don't hate you, I'm just trying to help you become a better TT member

If you can back up your case with some factual supporting evidence you wouldn't have to insult other people (who may be right). Do you want the truth or do you just want to win every argument by getting your panties in a bunch and loosing your cool?

I heard a TT member once say "arguing on the internet is like competing in the special Olympics, even if you win you are still retarded"

This is a forum for the exchange of usefull information, if you disagree with someone you can offer your view with out insulting anyone (insults are not very usefull). Once you cross that line no one wants to hear what you have to say and you loose by default.

Remember that opinions are like A$$ holes, everyone has one but to other people they can really stink!...

When you put loud pipe on and ruin it for the rest of us, be sure to put a reflective orange vest on too, it will make you more visible.... Safety first!

Please sell your bike and go build forts with your other prepubescent frineds.


Keep your loud bikes, and get motorcycles banned from use on streets. They're already kicking us out of the desert for being loud. It's time to get quiet if you want to keep riding.

Loud pipes MAY save lives

Loud pipes WILL annoy people

Get a high-vis jacket if you are that worried. Icon do a nice looking milspec vest.

Hi pwgunny,

Check out this site and then call and talk to Jesse. He will set you up with just what you need, muffler modifications and re jetting the carburator. One modification can't be done w/out doing other. I've used the information he gives to buy the product he sells. I'm sure he can help you make some good decisions.

Good Luck, Steven

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