04-05 CRF vs YZF vs RMX 450's

OK... Here is the story..... Raced for years growing up and even a few local pro races to see how I'd fair (did OK, but not good enough to get me to the show....) So ..... Quit to go to school, get a career... Now 5 years later have a great job and looking to ride again. I will most likely race again, but just for fun and for the families sake, I will have to go trail riding.... (oh well, I really never thought I would do that but things change)... So here I am, the last motocross bike I had was an '03 YZ250F (loved it). Looking to get a 450 this time. I am certainly leaning towards a YZ but thought I might get some feedback from some of you all out there. I will surely ride it hard, but not as hard as I used to and for the first time ever I may just go out and tool around with the family.... Anyone have any suggestions, feedback..... I am all ears cause I have not been on any of the new bikes.

Details - 6'1" , 195lbs. , and still fast ..... I hope?....LOL

Thanks for the help...

Go with your instinct, buy the Yamaha and dont look back! :)

honda = valve train problems. yamaha = proven reliable.rmz ?????????? id go with what you know

With a family, YZ will cost less in the long run (reliable). RMZ is supposed to be hot, but I don't think the verdict is out yet.

You might also consider the WR450.

If you plan on trail riding with the family the YZ450 is a bit to tall geared. IMO


I 2nd what thunder said. My '02 YZ has a 1st gear comperable to a WR 2nd (OK this is a guess). With a WR, you get more gears (5), a lower 1st and higher high gear (New YZs have 4 gears), electric start and more flywheel weight for more foolproof takeoffs. With the YZ you get that hit----and boy is that hit delicious, more aggressive electrical and cam timing and lighter weight. I have an '02 so mines not the latest and greatest but I've ridden the latest Yamaha and '04 Honda. That new WR is smood' as BUTTA. The YZ is more down to business, more visceral and easier to yank around. It turns in sharp and angry. Both are lower to the ground, don't feel at all top heavy and I loved them. The new Zuke is supposed to turn fantastic-Suzuki loves oversteer, the motor is supposed to be smooth-I have not ridden it, only read about it. I heard some Hondas had some valve issues. You might call Kibblewhite (makes valvetrain components) and ask him. I recommend Yamaha because they have a reliable and angry motor. I wouldn't trade my YZ426 for anything, new, old or what have you. Good luck to you brother.

As a race bike, people can legitimately argue one bike's qualities versus the other, and it often comes down to taste. But one thing stands out about the YZF: durability, quality, reliability, whatever you want to call it, they're in a separate class. Plain as that. There are cars on the road that aren't as reliable.

Sure, you'll hear from guys who haven't had any trouble with their CRF. Lots of them. But you'll hear from lots more who have. Not so the YZ450F.

Who knows what the RM450 will be like?


The WR trans compares to the YZ450 4speed roughly like this, if both bikes have the same rear chain ratios:

First is somewhat lower. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th are all fairly close to the same. And then, of course, the WR has 5th, spaced from 4th about as 4th is spaced from 3rd.


You can get more snap out of a WR, even up to levels very near the output of a YZF, but it will still be heavier, even with the lights off the bike. But, you can get it to around the weight of a YZ426 without a saw or a drill, and you'll have a wide ratio 5 speed and an electric starter.

I don't have new bike money. My kids eat it. All I can do push away from the milkshakes and get the man/426 total unit weight as close to the man/450 total unit weight as possible. :)

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