Roost Protector

Which is the best roost guard for a tall guy? Should I go wit a under the jersey or over the jersey protector?

Please Help Racing tonight.

Thanks Chad :)

I like the under jersey chest protectors. They dont protect you as well but I like the feel of it. Its a Sixsixone

if your racing on really rocky terrain/tracks then go for a traditional over-the-jersey roost deflector. it gives you more protection than the cooler, sleeker under jersey ones. if its any other terrain though you'll be fine with an under jersey protector. personally, i use a fox airframe...but it retails for about $120. the best underprotector in my opinion is the thor quadrant.

My Rock Garden flak jacket (under the jersey protector) gives much more protection than the traditional roost protector.

I would just make sure that you got one that could withstand a shot to the chest by the might hurt, but handlebars can break ribs and breastbones. If it withstands the handlebar hits, you'll thank yourself at some point.....


This Flak jacket I bought is padded with hard plastic in the chest area just like the over the Jersey protectors but also has some additional added features. Most importantly, it fits like a glove and doesn't slide around even when properly secured. I like it!

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