recommended new grips???

What grips would you recommend for my 2004 Yz 450f, that tend to create the least amount of blisters, and raw hands?? My stock grips are worn out, and I want to upgrade. Are the gel type effective? or is that a marketing gimmick?? Also do softer or harder style grips tend to create more blister??/ Let me know your experience. Don


I have renthals on my 450 and they are pretty good. On my 250 I have a set of the pro grips, they are softer and feel really good. Hope that helps.

I find that if your getting blisters, then the gloves you wear are likley more to blame. I use Scott grips and they have never been a problem.

I'll add another vote for the spiders!

I've tried them all and none of them are as comfortable as the stockers.

Thanks for the info....I'm gonna check out the Spider's, they look interesting. I'm also going to make sure it's not my gloves.


Renthal full diamond medium :)

i prefer the renthal dual-compound half waffle grips. they last forever.

i second the renthal full diamond med.


WHITE KUNCKLE GRIPS, there sweet, durabble, and you can get them in white, and there cheap

WHITE KUNCKLE GRIPS, there sweet, durabble, and you can get them in white, and there cheap

The link doesn't work. :)

Thanks for the links........


ProGrip gel grips (Model 714 or 737) are the best most comfortable grips that I have ever tried. They are inexpensive, long-lasting and slightly wider in diameter than regular grips.

White Knuckle Grips...not saying that just cause they're one of my sponsors... :)

Try spider grips, they are a little pricey but very comfortable

I have progrip 798 grips, i like them they are comfortable. I had the medium compound, full diamond renthals and those were great too...

Spider grips are the only way to go! Duel compound, so they are soft but they last forever!

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