Just wondering if any of the aussie guys are planning to ride the blue-light on Sunday, the weather has been forcast for 30 on Sat and 26 for Sun, hopefully it would of dried up some of this rain we've had lately and hence keeping the flow of traffic at a good pace.

I've heard that they could be expecting up to a thousand bikes this year. I'm looking forward to running amok on Sunday.

Hey Splint I'm there!!!

I've been looking forward to this ride for quite a few monthes. Actually it was ever since you posted the address for registration forms that I have been fired for this ride. I think another forum member, Gary Martin is going as well. How long does it take to get there from Melbourne?

I'm fitting a new back tyre for this weekend so look out for the roost!

Maybe I'll see you there.

I drive a red camira (sh%t box I know) and will be accompanied by my brothers and a mate on their; 00 KTM250, 99KTM400SXC, 99KLX650.


Simon. :)


In Canada-we DRINK, BLUE LIGHT!!!

(Just a joke for the Canucks lookin in)

Got my number to day #48 on the Fox loop, when you get your number you should also get a map showing the location of the start. I think from memory you're from Geelong way so if you stick to the sth estern until you hit the princess hwy it should take an hour from there. I to am putting a new michi on the back, along with myself there will be my brother 00'RMX, Rob DR350, Bob 79'XL500 and Mick breaking in his brand new WR.


Originally posted by Paul Mooney:


In Canada-we DRINK, BLUE LIGHT!!!

(Just a joke for the Canucks lookin in)

Here in oz we usually try to keep away from the blue lights (mounties to you Canucks)

Yep, we will be there (my wife Tracee TTR250, her brother Greg DR350, a friend Ian WR360 husky, and me WR400).

We are staying in Neerim South Sat'night, then heading up to wherever it is on sunday morning. We are #12 minutes off the start - whatever that means !!

We have a dark green Toyota hilux dual cab, Tracee has purple fox 260 pants, I have honda riding pants - so if you see us and are from this forum yell out.

Just as an aside, I dont know how strict they are, but im going to put the standard pipe back on just in case they go to town with noise regs etc etc etc.

Cheers and hope to see you


Gary, I too was worried last year about my WB e-series being to loud so I ripped all the discs out except for four, I don't know why I bothered everyone else had there thumpin pipes on, the organisers are difinately four stroke lovers, I think they're mainly concerned about really noisy two strokes. My advice to you would be to leave your normal pipe on and take your stock one with you just in case.

Thanks, will do...have been having some trouble with the pipe tho, the asbestos (or whatever its made of) gasket/tape that seals between the header and muffler keeps burning out and the WR backfires and spits and carries on like my mum used to...any advice guys and gals??

Hey Gary glad to see that you are going! I got my number yesterday - #48 Shift loop.

I'll be there driving a red Camira and wearing all green Shift clothing. Bummer about the pipe - are you having problems with the stock header joining onto the carbon steel part of the Tingate pipe? The steel surrounding the header on my pipe has gotten quite thin. No backfiring or spitting though.

I think I'll bring my stock pipe along just in case. I hate that damn stocker!! I will probably leave by 5:00 on sunday morning hoping to arrive by about 7:00 -7:30.

Splint what do you drive and what type of gear do you ride in?


Gary, what type of pipe do you run? When I initially changed pipes I couldn't get that gasket off the stock pipe so I ended up getting another one for my e-series.

I should getting there in my brothers vl calais (dark blue) as for my gear, look for purple/black body armour over purple top, if it's hot (very stylish I know, remmenants from the late 80's) my bike has a factory fx seat and sticker kit with accerbis rally guards, I may even put #48 above my headlight, so if you see me just yell out.

It seems that my mate who just bought his new wr decided to tell his wife last night, (I would of like to of been a fly on the wall at his place last night)he said that she'll start talking to him again in a week or two.


Yeah my new WR400 is still in the box at the dealer!! Thereis no way I'll have it ready to go for Sunday... But Im thinking of going up for a gander. I've taken note of your bike numbers etc.. so If I see anyone I'll say G'day. Good luck..its a wicked event!

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