changing oil......?

i havent bought a manual yet for my bike and i really dont want to ride on 10 hour oil. Can one of you quickly tell me the right way to change my oil on my 03 450f? Where to you guys get your oil filter?


Kevan, you can download a manual from ThumperFAQ:

and you may also want to learn to use the search feature up in the header of this page


The procedure on ThumperFAQ is for a YZ250F, but the procedure for the '03 model is exactly the same as called for with a YZ450F, so in spite of the size difference, the info applies.

1. get your filters and oil from your friendly, local yamaha dealer.

2. take the dipstick out (this helps the oil drain out faster).

3. undo the drain bolt in the frame, draining the oil.

4. undo the drain bolt in the crankcase (under the shifter), draining the rest of the engine oil.

4. unbolt the oil filter cover, and take out the oil filter.

5. clean the interior of where the oil filter sits.

6. put the clean oil filter back in its proper place and bolt the cover back on.

7. fill the engine with the proper amount of oil.

i would of used the search button but i was in such a big hurry to go riding. I was literally pushed out the door. Then i had to come back and read the reply's. Thanks for the info guys.


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