Leg out on curves

Sorry for my ignorance but I'm a newbie at riding(and bought an xr650r to learn on :) ). Why do people kick their inside leg out when going thru curves? Is it to put more weight to the front?

It offers some degree of stabilization if the front end washes out. Unless you've got legs like Thor, good luck keeping the BRP standing if you lose the front end. :)



im drunk right know and that just sounds really funny

If you're using it to stabilize the bike, especially the 650r, I hope you have good medical insurance covering the knee area.

If you look, most of the guys in the pics aren't touching the ground. Throwing your leg forward weights the front wheel for more bite.......


i always kick my leg out so my boots don't get caught in the rut

to weight the front is why you stick your leg forward. also if your rear end starts coming around you can hold yourself up and slide your foot in the dirt flat track style.

i kick my knee out as habit from riden sport bikes but when i take a corner to fast i drag my foot on the asphalt incase my front washes out

watch SuperMoto guys for a while and you will see two riding styles.

Guys that come from street will throw a shoulder, elbow, knee, and chin into the turn. They lean body first, then bike. (body positioning over counter stearing)

Guys that come from dirt will throw bars, hips, and inside leg into the turn. They lean bike first, then body. (counter stearing over body positioning)

Two different styles, niether is wrong or right. But each is usefull in certain situations.

But to your specific question about tossing the leg forward, you should give it a try. Pick a low speed turn (1st or 2nd gear with birm). Try first with inside foot on the peg, dip the handlebar in, then blast out. Then try comming in forward on the tank, inside foot up by the front axle, dip the bars, and blast out. Keeping the front weighted makes it feel planted, solid, and predictable.


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