interchangable cams.

hi, i recently bought an 80's decade xr500 but with an 83 rfvc engine(not the original) for just 30 bucks. it is missing the rear fender and the muffler. the motor is mechanically fine but the carbs are bad. i want to put some sort of cam in this beast but i can't find one for the RFVC head or the 500 for that matter. i hear white brothers makes a cam for the RFVC 600,650. will a RFVC 600 aftermarket cam work on a 500. i don't ride bikes(not my thing), i like to ride 4 wheelers. i have a blaster frame without a motor so i am taking on the challenge to put the 500 cc engine on the blaster. i am going to make my own intake for it to rerout the carb to the side or out of the way so a filter can fit on it. i am wanting to put true duals with cobra mufflers on it or some sort of pipes.not sure on what size single carb to go with, maybe somebody should point me in the right direction. but i really want to know about the cam problem. thanks all.

well i decided i should have checked with white brothers and the have a cam for 160 bucks, but it says there r/d valve spring kit is required. they also have another set, the kibblewhite or something like that, set for a lot cheaper, i wonder if i could use that cheaper set with that cam. what do you guys think.

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