I Need A Radiator!!

hey guys well i took a fall and totally mushed my left side radiator all to hell, i could try to fix it but ill let you decide that....PDR_0227.jpg


IT DOES NOT LEAK but its all tweaked to hell and the shrouds dont mount up evenly or the plastic fins that mount on the front of the rad. so if anyone has a used left side rad for sale or can tell if if it can be fixed please let me know becuase i wanna ride.

I think it can be straightened. I trashed mine too but it leaks.

thats the thing, it does not leak...yet, i actually thought it was when i crashed but i kept riding, got back and started poking around and found that i blew the house that comes out the bottom and across the front of the motor, there is a litle pin hole in it, but the rad itself is not leaking at all.

by the looks of the pic thats par for the course.if you can tweak it just enough to get the shroud to line up -run it . you may or may not cause it to start leaking either way your looking at a repair or buying new.ive had a pinhole leak repaired by the local rad shop for alot less than buying new.

That's nothing!

Mylers Radiator can fix that!

hmmm, well maybe ill just get it repaired then, thanks all :)

mylers can fix a lot worse than that

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