Pro-Tec or BBR kick starter

Does anybody have either one of these shorter kick starters on their yz450f? The BBR doesn't have one listed for the 450f, just the 426f but, I've heard from a friend that they fit. I had a Pro-Tec on my old 01 yz250f and it worked really well.

What brand to buy this time???

I had the BBR on my trusty old 400F and loved it. Did you break yours on the 450?

No, I didn't break mine.

I liked it on my 250f and it could make starting easier on the 450f. Not that it's hard but make things more convenient. Besides, I have the Rekluse clutch and think of keeping the stock kick starter as a spare. Since you can't bump start it. It's 1/2 insurance and 1/2 useful option. If something happens with the kick starter while riding, I will always have a back up at the truck.

Good idea keeping a spare with you. I too have a Rekluse and will be looking for a spare kick starter. For one to carry the Pro-tec may be nice due to the fact that it is shorter.

Picked up my new pro-tec kick starter today. Just as nice as I remember when I had one on my 250f.

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