Great aftermarket and OEM parts website

anyone seen this site, and what do you think?

I've bought from them a few times they are great.

been buying from them for a long time for all my bikes. fast service that has yet to fail. If its in stock, it will be there within 2 days rush delivery and within the week standard (up here anyway)

a lot of guys I work with can only find parts for their older bikes on bikebandit. and you get a nifty go fast sticker with every order.

I made my first purchase from them about 1 month ago. I didn't have any problems at all. The only thing I didn't care for is the fixed shipping price (I think it's $6.00 even if you only order 1 bolt).

Crankshaft- Bike Bandit... $496 Service Honda... $327.41

Glass-lens headlight Bike Bandit... $29.74 Service Honda... $ 23.73

That said, I went in to my Honda dealer, talked with their parts department manager. I had a $600 parts order put together, with part numbers, etc. He cut me a really good deal. Support your local dealer whenever you can- most of 'em really do want your business. Sometimes it goes against my Jewish nature (hope I don't get banned for that...) to pay full retail, but on a few little parts (say $50 or $60), what's the difference-- $10, maybe $15 ? Consider that a convenience fee, & be happy they're there. Remember- these guys gotta stay in business!

Crankshaft- Bike Bandit... $496 Service Honda... $327.41

Glass-lens headlight Bike Bandit... $29.74 Service Honda... $ 23.73


Mikie, what bike was this for? If it is a newer bike, that's great, but like Supplicate stated, "guys(/gals) with older bikes" with hard to find parts need a place like BikeBandit. I've used them in the past too and found they carry some stuff even a dealer has difficulty locating.

Please support your local dealer, but let's save some opportunity to be frugal to make it to the next ride.


very goog company

I have a 93 650L and it's almost impossible to find parts, except from my local dealer. There prices however are even higher than Bike Bandit. And they could care less about anyones business. I tried Service Honda but couldn't find anything on my bike, maybe I just gave up to soon.

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