What happened??

damn! ... sounds like a bunch of squabbling schoolgirls in here ... the facts are pretty simple ... if you want a big thumping dual sport, ya get an 'L' ... if ya want a real fast race bike, ya get an 'R' (or God forbid, one of those blue go-fast thumpers) ... what's the confusion ? ... hell, any teenager on a XR250 can dust me and my bike, I didn't buy it to race, I get busted up easy enough just trail-riding (OK, I'm old, slow, and uncoordinated, .. I can live with that)

Would you consider a 650L as trade?? :D:worthy: Even those are so much better than yours I would like to downgrade... hehehe

I don't understand BWB63 fuss about this. I don't think a "L" can compete with a "R". Those are not bikes of the same class, except the "XR" in the name. I would have bought a "R" but wanted something for the street as well without long dualsporting it. Beside I probably wouldn't use the additional power and other stuff the "R" offers to make it worth for me. The "L" was just perfect for me to get back into riding after almost 10 years break.

On the other hand I don't think that I need to compare my bike with newer technology and claim it still is better. I ride it just for fun and this competitive thinking/comparison is a BS.

ride red!


Hey, don't take it personal! :) Some join in to blow off steam, some for a fun dig. Some :D . but, it's all fun. :D This thread wasn't made to bash the XR650"L" or XR600R but, to stir things up :) Some can take a punch, some can't.

I wish Irondude was here! He didn't hold back and would say the most offensive things you could think of, but, you couldn't help from busting up.

Like I said, the point is; they are not the same bikes. The XL650"L" is not Junk. Great bike for what it's made for. Lot's of guy's have one to fallow there kids out on a ride and then take it to work or the store.

There are a lot of people that get confused thinking that because all the bikes have "XR" in the name they are the same "just setup different". Or think with a few modiffications I can make a "L" just as strong or as fast as a "R". There are lot's of post telling the difference. NOT the same bike at all.

I had a truely tricked out 628 and there is noway it was faster then a XR650R. It had the same horsepower but, not the same torque but, it was one heck of an engine! :D. You might "feel" you are going faster because the bike doesn't handle as well as the XR650R :D;)

Only morons would compare a Dual Sport to a Baja Racer, they're both leaders in their classes, so pipe it down girly men. :)

Hey BWB63,

I am not mad or taking it personal, I was just wondering how some people (not u especially) defend their bikes over the newer stuff or techincal more advanced. I totaly agree with you, a "L" is not a "R" and won't technicaly get there - no matter how much you modify it.

I like roadcams comment, I too get probably beaten by any smaller bike (ahm not THAT small) no matter what you give me to sit on :)

I was at some point thinking to get a "R" additional to my "L" and dualsport it because I like the fact that it is watercooled and lighter. Then later sell my "L", but thinking how much I suck trying to kickstart my friends YZF400, could't imagine how to get the 650 started :D

So for this year I added a 2smoke CR250 (huh did I say that forbidden word here?) and that is absolutely fun and fits my 150lbs much better. Maybe next year I look into a CRF250R, who knows...


A great rider on a 650L could always outride a good rider on a 650R. The 650L riders would rather have comfort and reliability than a tiny bit of extra power. Besides, if the 650L riders are fat old office guys, they obviously have the money to buy any bike they want. Common sense usually comes with age, so maybe the 650R riders should learn from the smart 650L riders! :)

The 650l is an overweight underpowered sorry excuse for a guy who doesn't have the balls to ride a man's piece of machinery. Try riding 100 mph down a whooped out wash all the while dodging microwave size boulders often running them over for 8 hours or more. You wouldn't know because it is real safe to assume that bike has never been there or ever will.Get some new dot tires on your slug and enjoy your pavement..... :D

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