hrc cam

its time to put my old xr 600 back in service . it has a new je piston [10.5] i think big fin ported head and a stock cam with the auto decomp removed[thanks alot xrs only] .i have what i was told is hrc cam w/decomp i am thinking that it will help to slightly lower my compression and make it start better and may help the power to . so the question is is this a tru drop in cam with this piston or will my valves hit or will i have to shorten the guides i do not want to pull the head if i do not have to any coments ?? this cam says nh4 on it is this an hrc cam?? thanks :)

NH4 is the HRC code,yes :)

thanks xrmanu do you know if it just drops in ?

Always, When installing a bigger cam piston to valve clearance and valve retainer to valve guide clearance should always be checked.... :)

Unless you know of someone with the same set up and it all worked....

But it should always be checked due to manufacture errors....IMO.... :D

And make sure the springs will work , No coil bind, proper spring pressures..

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