question for members w/ XR650l FMF or Yosh pipes

I've seen several members with FMF and Yoshimura complete systems on their XR650L. FMF and Yoshimura does not list headers for the "L". How are you guys making it fit? Are you moding headers from a XR600?

XR600R aftermarket headers fit the XR650L perfectly.

Thanks for the info Michael. Now I just have to decide Q2 w/ Power Bomb or a RS-3 system.

i put the pro circuit t-4 on my 650l and it added alot of bottom end but they dont make the headers for it. I looked at the Yoshi but one of my buddys who works at the honda shop said a xr600 system isnt set up for the same compression that the 650 pipes are but i dont think it realy matters if you put the 600 pipe on it there should be some way to adjust it if it has plates ect.

Yosh headers from a XR600R do not fit the L without modification. The headers contact the frame oil drain bolt. I had to make a flat in the pipe to get it to fit correctly. Another guy had to do this as well.

Does anyone have a picture of the new FMF Q2 installed on a L? I am thinking about up grading, but I am not sure how it will look. The yosh RS3 exhaust I have now is small but loud. And the TEC inserts really effect the power.



Thanks for the input guys. Really hate to pound on the pipes for fit so I think I'll be ordering the Q2 w/ powerbomb. Hope it will go on without any mods. I'll post some pics and feedback when I get'em.

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