steering stem???

ok,my new 05 yz450 will be in tues,i'm sending the forks out to factory connection after break in. i've already figured out that the clamps from a 04 yz will fit,but will the steering stem from a 03 yz be the same(thats whats in my 04 wr now) the reason i ask this is because i want to put the 46mm forks on while the new ones are gone. i also want to compare the old ones too the new if at all possible. :) thanx

Yep! :)

cool, i may just have to run them a while as there is no .52 spring yet for the aoss forks. thanx

What do you think of the '05 AOSS forks?

Did you like them after the revavle?

they sucked so bad for HS,i sold them and still use the 46's(with a few mods the 46's are great forks) :thumbsup:

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