I'm back with a healed tongue

Hey Harold, good to hear you doing much better. Doesn't sound like a fun injury.

About the girl, make sure you keep her in mind the next time your groin meets your tank :):D :D

Damn that was a weird painful injury. As I said a few weeks ago I over shot a jump at a mx track, dropped about 15-20 foot down into the next jump. Hit my jaw on the handlebars and bit through my tongue and got 15 stiches.

The story gets better. I'm totally busy at work the next week. Have to talk a lot and I sounded bad. Plus the top managers from our division were out that week and I had to give a presentation. Over the course of the week my tongue swelled up, rubbed raw against my teeth, and got a lot worse. I was on liquids and a few mushy foods. It really sucked. So I went to the DR, got medication, broke down and got some pain killers and didn't talk for 3 days. I got better and then got my stiches out last week. Man that was weird. Still can feel the scaring but no permenant damage.

This weekend I actually convinced a girl to kiss me just so I could test out the equipment to make sure everything worked. I did. I may have to use this line again. Yee High.



I need my plate back before thanksgiving.

email me for address brian_meadows@agilent.com



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