new xr650 help!

Just uncrated my new 2005 xr650r and the brp barely runs. Is it worth buying the power up kit or can I open up the airbox myself, rejet and slap on a yosh pipe to solve the problem. Right now the thing makes little power over about 3000 rpm from 3 to 6 thousand rpm then sputters and dies. Very disappointing results for me considering that they ride these things in baja at 100 mph i'd be lucky to get her up to 50 mph as is.Also is it worth the money for the edelbrock pumper carb. Im an expert racer who wants max performance without any internal reworks.Help.

Best thing is the following:-

Change main jet to a 175

Change pilot jet to a 68s

Make sure needle is in the middle position (to start with)

Remove the Black rubber snorkels from the airbox

Make sure the carb does not have a restrictor disc with a slot in it (remove if present)

Use the "open" HRC exhaust baffle (3x 8mm bolts hold it on)

Gearing for dirt start at 14/48 if Supermoto try 15/44

Make sure valve clearances are adjusted to manual

Adjust the throttle cables to correct freeplay

She should run great now and really snap off the throttle. With dirt gearing it will want to wheelie really easily and with road gearing it will get from 0-60mph pretty swiftly and hit 100mph. You can drill holes in the airbox side white panel too, most people do it.

Hope this gets you started.

Enjoy your BRP


thanks tim

If you do the things I have said then it will be really aggressive and you will see what the bike is really like. If you use it in dirt trim with standard wheels with 14/48 gearing it is an animal and has lots of grunt. You won't believe how good it is if it's all choked up with the standard restrictions now.

Mine is in Supermoto trim with tall gearing (15/44) and it still goes really well on twisty roads where you are mostly below 60 mph.

When I go off road with it and slap my knobblies in with 15/48 gearing with the 18" rear wheel it is really grunty.

You will love it once it is set up right, and it will start easily and run great. If you are rich then get a "pumper" carb and maybe some less restrictive headers.


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