which muffler is a better choice.

white brothers, E series.

FMF megamax

supertrapp universal muffler.

D&D muffler

i want to know how they sound and if they are overly loud, and which one makes the most useable power. anybody have any experience with any of these. i don't want it too loud but i want to have a nice tone. thanks.

for which bike?

if you're talking about the 650R i like the stock silencer with the power-up end cap. it has plenty of flow and it's decently quiet.


well it's an 83 xr500 engine that is going on a blaster frame. looking for some sound but not enough to get cops attention.

IF they make the Supertrapp IDS2 for your bike, its cheaper than most, looks good, and is a very solid construction...I havent ridden mine enough to comment on power increase,.. I know its not quite as efficient as some others, but its almost as quiet as stock, and weighs a whole lot less ...

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