rear suspension trouble??

ok, here is the deal... i have a 1999 yz400f and love it. i trail ride exclusively, so my suspension is very soft. i notice when the bike sits for a while the rear suspension behaves weird, its fine for the first part of the travel, but the is very stiff. after a ride for a while it loosens back up i dont know if anyone has had this problem before, but let me know what you think.

someone needs to help me here.

Is the suspension squeaky? maybe the bearings in the swingarm are bad :)

Two things....

1. When was the last time you cleaned and lubed the complete suspeny bearings?

2. While you got the suspension torn down, check to make sure the shock shaft is not bent.

While you are at it take it to the chop and have them tear apart the shock and have the fluid changed and recharged.....I am guessing this has not been done since it was new? :)

yeah, i never really have lubed the suspension, religious about engine oil, filters, ect. but never really thought about the suspension. is it difficult?


Get your manual out, take your time and follow the direction.... Clean everything and lube with a good quality marine grease..... :)

Take the shock to the shop and have the oil changed.

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