Kick start install issues?

Hello there Im looking for some help, I had one of the studs break off on my clutch center and take out the inside of the clutch cover and make a mess of filings inside my motor. I took the clutch out and the engine cover so I could clean all the crap out, well the kickstart gear and shaft fell off. I have a manual but in not sure about what way the kickstart installs, its kinda tricky

and Im not sure if that stopper paw on the shaft is suposed to be in the 11 oclock position up against the top part of the stopper plate or what. Im also wondering how much tenison should be on the spring. Please help me the manual says turn the gear counter clockwise till its clears the stopper plate.

thanks Scott

It might help to let us know what your working on......... :)

woops sorry 2003 xr 650r

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