HELP! Cycra bar clamps (standard or protaper)

Very proud owner of a 2001 Yamaha WR426, just installed a set of Pro-taper SE (seven-eighths) handlebars and just had a set of Cycra Pro-bend Handlebar guards and plastics delivered to my home, I ordered the Racerpack directly from Cycra with the protaper handlebar mounts and they don't fit, too large diameter around my bars, don't tighten down enough. Should I have ordered the bar clamps for standard size handlebars even though I have the protaper bars? Did the protaper mounts I ordered go to bars that are tapered and not the protaper brand? Do I indeed need to order the standard size bar mounts for my 7/8 bars? Has anyone ever dealt with Cycra, do they exchange or let you return things and order just the right size mounts? Anyone have them and want to sell them? Any advice from the THUMPS would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help!

Mark Scheitlin

Highland, ILLINOIS

Do I indeed need to order the standard size bar mounts for my 7/8 bars?


Yup... "ProTaper" has become a kind of generic term for 1-1/8 bars, except the PT mounts won't fit the Renthal Twinwalls. I think they'll fit the Renthal "Fatbar", but really... Renthal, ProTaper... why would you NOT want the PT's :)

I could never get the bar mount clampie things to work for poop...Tried the Cycra ones, then MSRs, borrowed a set of Pro-Taper's own...nothing worked right. I finally bought a set of tripple clamp mounts from Cycra and have been happier than a pig in poop with 'em

Hey another Southern IL WR rider :)

I'm in centralia, not far down the road from highland... where do you ride fourstroker?

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