OEM front sprocket for '04 WR450

I was thinking about dropping one tooth up front and was wondering how important the little rubber stuff on the OEM sprocket is :) ?

None of the aftermarket stuff has it, but I doubt Yamaha would spend the cash on it if it was worthless.

Is it just quieter or is there another benefit?

OK, no replies. Well then, does anyone have heartburn over running a 13T sprocket? Worse wear? Hard on anything?


its a little harder on the chain and slider,the plastic must have been an attempt at quieting the chain noise,i've never seen it on anything aftermarket.

I ride some VERY tight, steep single track in Mexico, while on the same day I will ride wide open graded dirt roads. I found that going two teeth bigger on the rear sprocket was a better option than one tooth smaller on the front sprocket. I changed my rear sprocket after the first 100 miles on the bike. A smaller front sprocket is hard on the chain (too much of a bend). One tooth smaller on the front equals four teeth bigger on the rear sprocket and is really overkill in my opinion. I went with a Yamaha rear sprocket, after I was surprised to learn that the price for OEM was the same or cheaper than after market (there is a "good guy" discount figured in this equation"). I washed my bike last night after a hard weekend ride in Mexico. I checked out my chain after I cleaned and lubed it. After 3,000 miles of riding the original chain and sprockets, there is no visible hooking on the OEM sprockets, which I think is impressive. When or if my chain and sprockets wear out, I definitely will replace them with the same brand of chain and OEM sprockets. Just my opinion. :)

Was wondering about the rubber ring myself! I went to a 13t a couple of months ago and will never go back. It helps slow down how often the bike will stall in real technical stuff and i love having my arms ripped off. Will be awhile before I know about extra wear but it won't matter because it's more than worth it unless your in the dunes or can run WFO in 5th all the time. I'm 1st & 2nd 80% of the time 5th 5% so it works for me.

03 wr450

all mods

starter upgrade

screaming fast

When I bought my bike there was a 13/50 ,found there was'nt quite enough top end,went back stock 14/50 , 1st gear a bit high now, so i think im going to go with 14/52

The rubber is for noise reduction. I put a 15t on my 03, the Yam part was several bucks cheaper than ANY of the aftermarket ones.

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