Electical/Lighting help

How does one know if the stator has gone bad or needs rewinding?

I am trying to get street legal here in Utah. I bought the under the fender led tail/brake light from Baja Designs :) and a horn and mirror :) and the bike does not seem to produce enough juice to power everything. If I disconect headlight and horn my tail light works ,and to get my horn to work I have to disconnect head and tail lights.My headlight and stock tail light have always worked pretty well, and I thought led took less juice? Or could it be the voltage regulator?

Thanks in advance :D

If the headlight or any lights work then your stator/lighting coil is working.

Give some info on the bike, it may be of some help.

Trailtech.net will give you advice and help, give them a try.

Baja Designs states that '03+ WRs need a "stator modification" to run their kit. The mod is only $30, so it's not a rewind, perhaps they're separating or joining taps or something.

If we knew what bike you had it would help. :)

Did you replace the stock voltage regulator with a the BD rectifier/regulator? If so, you are losing a lot of power. If you did, it's a good chance that is the culprit.

Sorry it's a 98 wr400 - stock regulator. Probably stator? :)

Take a volt meter and test the output on the power wire and see how much juice your getting. If theres suffecient voltage, then maybe you have a bad wire or something.

Should it be pushing around 12 volt?

If you have a multimeter, you can check the stator to see if it is good. I don't know the resistance values off the top of my head, but you can verify if the stator is still good. If you have a manual, look in the electrical section and it details exactly how to check it.

Do you have an AC horn? Most motorcycle horns are DC. Without a rectifier, a DC horn will not work on your bike because your bike puts out AC power. I don't know what the internal difference between the two is but if you put a DC device in an AC circuit there could be problems.

I will check both, and the wiring. Thanks for the help :)

I have the info on the Baja Designs stator mod at home. Shoot me a PM and I'll send it your way when I get home.

You should also check your switches and connections. When my bike has gotten really grungy, like after I have ran through mud or a lot of water, sometimes the switches have trouble making contact. I'm thinking specifically of the main headlight switch but you may have other switches on your bike. I give them a shower of contact cleaner and blow them out with compressed air. Everything seems to work better afterwards and the headlight is brighter. Just a thought.

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