Gambonini Hare Scrambles Results

This years Gambonini H.S. was excellent. There were a lot of fast guys there including Brian Meadows. They fired this old cannon to start every row (man was that thing loud!) The A riders took off first and were out of site for the rest of the day. I started in the vet B row and got a great start 3rd, and quickly moved into second although it didn't last long. The forearm pump crept up and slowed my pace for about two laps.The course was 11.5 miles in length. There was an excellent grass motocross track, and there was three sets of double jumps out on the course.They had real time scoring which told you your actual position in your class and how far ahead time wise the next rider was ahead of you.At the end of four laps I was in tenth place, the forearm pump finally subsided and I was able to charge the rest of the fifth lap. I was able to make up seven positions on the last lap and finished third B Vet 43rd o/a. It was cool seeing Brian there, (even though he forgot his bike)every time I went by the grass track he was there cheering me on. :) O ya almost forgot total elapsed time 5 laps 2:48 minutes. What a ride! Did have a couple good get offs one down in some single track really smashed my header pipe :D Guess its time to go and put the stock header back on. Any suggestions on seperating the header from the muffler? man are they stuck together.

sore but happy, huge


Good to see you there & glad you did so well. You forget to mention your run-in with the haybale there by the clubhouse - yeah, I saw that one :) How'd you like that little tree section behind the club house? The C riders didn't do so well - the 1st lap was a total disaster. They re-routed that section for the rest of the 1st lap then sent the riders back thru there after the field split up on the second lap.

I didn't 'forget' my bike - I was doing the work party thing (read sucking up) so that I can become a member of MCMA & get access to the ranch. After watching the C race I think I may have to try my hand at hare scrambles - I might do alright provided I don't drop my bike and pretzel a radiator :D

Hope to see you guys at Thanksgiving.


Brian, but do you have pictures? I think you saw my line from the previous lap and put that haybail there on purpose :)And yes running through the rockpile behind the clubhouse was cool. Glad to see you are considering racing nothing improves your riding more than having to ride down terrain that you normally would go around. I wish I was there to see the C class attempt the rock pile huge bottleneck right.


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