Wr400 Question / Advice

Hi guy's,

I have a 99 model wr400 and have it for a few years now. Never had any problems till recently. Previously I posed a question about a noise in 4th gear and recieved some really useful advice.

The advice was to with the engine off, select 4th and with the clutch in roll the bike in reverse. only in 4th there is a grinding/grateing noise that appears to occurr on each rotation of the gear, it is quite systematic. You can hear it then it goes away then you can hear it again.

It rides fine in all gears except 4th, in 4th it makes a clanking sound. 4th selects fine and does not slip out.

If anyone could suggest what might be the problem prior to me taking it to a shop and being ripped off that would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks

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