Cost of a complete rebuild on a 02 426 ??

Just as a matter of interest, dose any one know more or less what a complete engine rebuild would cost on a 02 426.

My bike is running sweet and has very little hours on it. But I was just curious if I did have to do a rebuild what sort of cash it would cost. Also on these engines is it a case that you can use an "oversized" piston, or dose the cylinder get re-sleeved or re-sealed?

I know that if the rod were to go through the crank case then the price would be very different, but im just trying to get an idea of what sort of cash a complete rebuild would cost on these bikes with all the bearings, top end and bottom end ect.

Any info is much appreciated. :):D


probably about $US2000. more if you need to do clutch basket, gearbox and bearings etc

Big bore and you need to re-plate.

Wow that’s big cash…. I hope I never need to do that !!

I know 2-strokes are much more prone to frequent engine replacement, is it a case that these bikes need to be

overhauled after a periods of time, or is it a case of changing the cam chain every so often and regular oil changes can prevent major rebuilds?

Thanks again :)


Cam chain.... Piston and rings and regulare maintenance. Keep an eye on the rist pin area of the rod......It tends to get scarred up.... :)

Cheers :)

Just had an 01 426 done. New crank half, crank pin, rod, piston, timing chain, ti valves, gasket kit, bearings, rings etc. Rebuild engine, valve job, mild port blending valve seets.

Total $1900

My bike - 2002 YZ250F with 03 cam

Having Eric Gorr replace all valves/guides/seals/springs and hone cylinder - $475

valves are Kibblewhite stainless steel, much tougher and cheaper than OEM titanium.

New piston, rings, wrist pin and base and head gasket, cam chain, parts only, all OEM - $138 (my price, friend is shop owner)

Buttoning it all back up by myself. No work to bottom end

I own both a two stroke and 4 stroke. The two stroke may need more top end work, but the lower ends are very similar.

My neighbor just had a local shop replace a siezed crank and put a new piston in his 426. Total cost was 825.00.

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