YZ-426 - stalling

My brother has an 01 426. It runs great but this weekend he had a few problems with stalling.

1st - tight woods, pulled in the clutch and it stalled. Hard to re-start after that. Pulled hot start and it fired up good.

2nd - Drag racing just for fun with a KTM and my YZ-450. After hitting top speed, pulling in the clutch to brake and it would stall. Again, hard to start but using the hot start made it easy to start.

Questions: what would cause it to stall when pulling in the clutch after the high speed run? He doesn't have a quick adjust fuel screw and has never messed with the fuel screw, jetting, etc. at all. It was a much hotter day when we were riding as well.

Sounds like a low speed jetting/fuel screw issue. Any help?

Heat and altitude make the jetting richer.

If he's never messed with the pilot screw, there's no telling how close to right it is.

Sounds like the carb isn't idling down properly (making the transition to idle from a more open throttle). Check the idle mixture adjustment and raise the idle a little. If it's still acting up, it could have something in an internal carb orfice that needs to be removed.

Dude, before you completely rip your bike apart.

1. Change the plug.

2. Replace the gas.

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