glass lense PN and model?

does anyone know what is the GLASS lense (headlight) PN and what bike, model and year does it come from?

I'm trying to order it on-line but unless I have this info I'm not able to place the order. :)


You can significantly improve the lighting by purchasing the Honda glass lens from your Honda dealer (Honda PN# 33123-MK2-671) for as little as $22 depending on the discount your dealer gives you. This glass lens simply replaces your stock plastic light assembly and it accepts a H3 bulb. The connectors from the stock plastic headlight assembly are different, so you'll need to buy some new connectors to mate with the H3 bulb, but you can get these at Walmart, Autozone, etc. The only thing left to do is to buy a $5 H3 bulb at your favorite auto parts store or even at Walmart. The rubber boot on the back of your stock plastic lens will fit over the new glass lens with some coaxing, but it's a tighter fit. The stock stator will work fairly well with this setup and you'll be much happier with the improved lighting. At idle, the light will be a bit dim, but once you crack the throttle, the light will get to full brightness very soon. If you want full brightness at idle, then you'll either need to rewind your stator for more power or send it out to have it rewound or buy a higher output stator. Rewinding the stator is pretty easy to do if you like projects, have the time and are inclined to do so. Here's a link to more info in rewinding the stator if this interests you. Ricky Stator sells a complete bolt in high output stator for $150 at the following link

I did a search and came up with this. I got mine at Service Honda. :D


I got mine from Service Honda too.

thanks guys I just ordered mine from bike bandit...price was $29+

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