Hard -to-start 426-need help!

hey guys-

Just bought an 01 yz426

The seller started it up in the first kick and I rode it around. Felt great

Then i get home and can't start it my-self

Not sure what i'm doing wrong

can someone explain the carb for me?

He said it had some head-wrok done to it and it has VP race fuel in the tank-he said 93 octane runs good though

could i have fouled a plug already?


Ok here ya go.

1 You dont have to kick the bike to get TDC. Dont touch the decomp lever yet. Push down on the kick start until it stops. Thats TDC. (The compression on the bikes are high so it should really take alot to push through it.)

2. Keep your foot on the kickstart when you find TDC. (Dont let it back up.)

3. Pull in the decomp lever and push down on the kickstart 1 or 2 inches then let the decomp lever out and let the kick start come back up to the top.

Then kick it.


Dont throttle the bike before starting. Just keep your finger on the front brake.

If you do flood the bike, pull in the decompression lever and give it a couple of easy kicks. It pushes the fuel out.

Use the choke only when starting cold.

NO twisting the throttle during kicking due to the accelerator pump. (note some people will find that their own bike likes one or two twists of the throttle on cold days - avoid that until you get your bike dialed)

If you tried to start it like a 2 stroke, the best thing to do is change the plug and read up on the starting drill. I learned from day 1 there is a right and a wrong way to start these bikes. Get it right, and it'll start 1st kick - wrong, and the quickest, least painful fix is a new plug

thanks guys!

I got it now

been a while since i've head a big thumper

damn this thing has some power!

I had the same problem as yourself once solved starts first kick, almost every time.just follow the drill its so easy now.

J :)

I think many of us have had the same problem starting the WR426's (I know I did!!). Once you have the routine down you won't even think twice about it. My bike usually fires on the 2 or 3 kick but I don't touch the throttle at all.

Heck, that was the best advice I got when asking how to start the bike: DO NOT TOUCH THE THROTTLE.

Also, if you stall in the woods and it does not start by the second kick pull out the red hot start lever and do your routine - JUST DON"T TOUCH THE THROTTLE.


yep sounds good, and yes if u are not doing this correctly it is easy to foul plugs. like u guys said DONT TOUCH THE THROTLE ! will flood or foul plug easy !

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