Dunlop D606 tire pressures

I've got a pair of D606's on my XRL and was wondering what would be the best recomended tire pressures for different types of riding. I'm going to a DS rally this weekend and its gonna be about 600 miles of pavement there and back, and

220+ miles off pavement. so what would be the best for:

Long pavement rides: 30 psi front an rear?

50/50: 21 F & R ?

80% dirt / 20 road:

all off road:

I'm running about 21 right now. Thanks

I run lower pressures all the time. I've got a 606 in back and an MT-18 HD up front. I run both around 15 psi regardless if it's dirt or pavement. I'll run 12-14 psi if I know I'll be riding mostly soft sand.

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