2005 WR450F for sale (7hrs of use)

If anyone is interested in a super clean / better than new 05 WR450F contact me. The bike has all the free mods, JD Jetting, YZ Throttle Stop Screw, TrailTech Computer and has had the CA Smog pumped removed.

New these bikes are dogs and backfire (read all the posts about it)...after all the free mods are done as well as the jetting corrected, these become beasts. Why do the work yourself then go through breaking it in when I have done it for you... The knobbies still have the "nipples" on them...this is a flawless bike that I am selling due to a job change.

$5800.00 firm. (This is NOT a canadian import). The bike is located in the Seatle area.

You can contact me at mark2025 at Comcast.net


Looks nice, too bad I ain't got that kind of money right now....

She sure looks like a virgin. You should have no difficulty selling her. :)

dude, change something else, keep your job, be broke and ride happy

ya i have said it before and i will say it again, quite the job and ride. or get another job!!

Trust me, I thought about it... I may get to ride this weekend, so maybe I will change me mind :) Work is over rated anyway!

We all should send flowers. I feel like someone died. :)

Work is for suckers, go ride man!!

I remember when mine looked like that!!! What a bummer....I agree quit the job, sell the house, divorce the chick.....keep the bike :)

its cheaper to keep her (and im not talkin bout the chick)

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