Price check, '00 and '03

Just returned from a shop that has an '00 XR 650L with 6,000 miles, FMF pipe, small dent in tank for $3899. I thought $3000 seemed fair. They also had a brand new '03 XR 650R and are asking $4899. What do you all think?

It all depends on what kind of riding your going to do, But you can also dualsport the R ......

But I think the XR650R is the better of the 2 bikes... :D

Others will give there thoughts I'm sure ......... :)

I'm with frankstr, IMO the 650R is a more versatile bike that hauls some serious balls.

Especially if everything is set up for you and your riding style.

I think its a lil pricey,

I paid last year for my 2001 XRL $3,000 with 3,300 miles on it, IMS tank, Renthal bars, and BigGun exhaust. If you go to the XRL lists low retail for $1,810 and average $2,380. The "R" lists there for $2,905 - $3,820. Well depends what area you are in and whats offered/available...

I normally look at and search for that model I am looking for nationwide. Gives you also a good idea what everyone is asking, who knows if they get it :)

Good luck shopping around...


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