Clutch grind nightmare!

I have a 2003 XR650r, one day I dropped the bike and noticed an oil leak. Turns out the clutch cover cracked. So I repaired it with some jb weld, on sunday I was riding and I heard this really loud noise. Somthing let go in the clutch, After taking it apart I found one of the clutch centers post had let go. I think one of the bolts came loose and hit the cover causing the post to snap off. It left a mess of shavings in the engine. Im really worried about my engine now as its full of magnisum shavings from my clutch cover getting ground to crap by the bolt hitting it . I took the engine case apart on the rt side and flushed oil through the bottom of the engine and cleaned the strainer. Please let me know if you think there is other things that I should clean before putting it all back together. I have a few days before I get my parts.

Everyone check your clutch bolts haha, its saves alot of trouble!,



Sorry to hear the bad news, But it sounds like a fluke mishap, Have you been into the clutch before, How much time do you have on the bike..

Maybe use the blue locktite in the bolts.......

May be a good idea to clean the downtube oil screen.

Thanks guys, well Im cleaning the down tube screen for sure, and the engine too, blue loctite will be used, and I will pray it never happens again :)

and that my motor is okay!

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