New to me '96 XR628 Spermoto


I just picked up a '96 XR600 Supermoto bike with the 628 Power up kit on it. I'm trying to figure out what that kit is really. I think it is a high comp piston, cams and a different primary gear on the clutch basket. It was installed by Precision Concepts racing. Anyone have any info on this kit or on Precision? Looks like the compression release has been removed with the cam swap. Guess thats why it is a bitch to start. Any ideas on starting methods? Seems to take me a good 15 or so kicks when cold, only one or two when warm. I cleaned the carb (aftermarket Mikuni) and adjusted the valves since it was sitting for a cople years. Also looking for any ideas for setting up the suspension for supermoto. Thanks,


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