Squeaky chain

Yes I have lubed the chain :) (multiple times

I just recently replaced the rear wheel bearings and seals

I still get squeky noise when I am riding partial throttle and it seems more pronounced when decelerating. I have a 48 tooth rear and I cant remember the front count.

I have looked at the chain guides and there are definite grooves where the chain rides and I am wonder if this may be what is causing the rolling squeak?



I think I have the same noise you're talking about. It sounds like its coming from the counter shaft sprocket on mine. I don't see anything wrong on mine so I'm not worried about it.

Have you guy's greased the swing-arm & linkage bearings? Honda ships theses bikes with nothing more then a film of grease at best in all the bearings, streering stem also. Has been a major problem for lot's of BRP

Is the axle adjustment sqaured from the swing arm bolt, I know on my bike the marks for the rear axle adjustments are not exactly correct.. :D

I measure from the swing arm bolt center to axle center, that way your chain is alighned correctly with the front sprocket to the back... :)

I have re-greased everything on mine. I know the chain alignment is close but I will double check it. I can only hear mine when I let off and its not that bad.

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