crash report

So, I was out riding this past weekend. Still seem to be struggling a little after coming from the Quads. Well, I was in kind of a tighter section of the trail, in second gear going pretty slow, but just not slow enough. Went to stab the rear brake while entering a turn and missed it. Well, this big ole tree decided to slow me down. Didn't seem to hit it very hard, but enough to give me a good thump. Just missed the front tire and the tree caught the upper triple clamp and the handlebars. Well, I though everything was still good, the bike was still running and I was still upright. As I pulled the bike back to ride off, I really smelled GAS! Seems when I thumped the tree, it split my tank from the front outside all the way to the mounting braket on the inside. I had almost a full tank of gas in this thing and the motor was pretty hot. So I turned the bike on its side to let the gas run out without having it pour all over the motor. It sure was a frantic moment for me hoping this whole mess would just go up in flames. After most of the gas ran out of the tank, I decided to ride the bike back to the truck. Well I managed to make it the last 3 mile to the truck. Well, does anyone have a stock tank for a 96 XR600R that they would like to sell or a good aftermaket brand???



you ever find a tank? I got one stock red, 2000 XR600R

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