Fuel or ignition (???) problems with my '88 xr600

Hey, new poster here. I am an ex-streetbiker who recently got his hands on a used '88 xr600 and haven't looked back since. The bike appears to be very well maintained and is in good condition except for a very tiny oil leak that I believe is from a crank-case gasket. Anyway, yesterday I was riding home keeping the bike at a constant throttle when the bike seemed to be slightly missing or something, just generally running a little rough. It wouldnt accelerate no matter how much gas i gave it, it would just get louder as i opened the throttle, it would just maintain speed. At some points though it would suddenly get its normal power back and accelerate like there was no tomarrow, but then go back to not accelerating. I was thinking it might just be low gas, but I started it up today and for a while it would run perfectly but only to have the same problem as before. Not quite sure what's wrong. This makin sense to anyone?

Sounds like a plugged or dropped jet or stuck float needle

Yah, what he said! :):D:)

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