My 426 died. What is wrong with it?

Okay, I'm going to try and explain how this happened. I was out riding today and my 426 was giving me a hard time starting it. It also ran rather choppy in the midrange. I ran a tank of gas through it in the morning. I was on my second tank when I stopped to get a drink. When I got back on, it wouldn't start. The kickstarter would only go about 3/4 of the way down. With the decompression lever pulled in it turns over just fine. Then I noticed my carburetor was unhooked from my motor. It was pushed back enough you could see into it from the kickstart side (left side). It appears to have been off for a while. Is this all related? I hope you people can figure this out.


Yep. it was more than likely loose and just got worse. It was running choppy because it was running lean because of the vacuum leak. I hope you didn't manage to suck up a bunch of crap. I'm guessing it was that or the valve's were way out of adjustment and causing it to backfire when ridding and "pushed" the carb out of the intake boot. Good luck. :D:)

How long do you figure the carb was not sealed to the motor? That doesn't sound good, I hope it didn't suck in any dirt. I am sure that the carb not being tight is why the bike wouldn't run right. Did you try to fire it back up after hooking the carb back up?

I'm not sure how long it has been unhooked. It was running poor most of the day. It could of been five minutes or a month, I don't know. You had to look closely to see it that it was disconnected. But, even after hooking it up the bike still would not kick over properly. The kickstarter does not go all the way down except when I pull the decompression lever. Before it would always hit on the footpeg.

Take the valve cover off and have a look to see if everythings good.

If the carb came loose at the motor side not the air filter, it didnt run long at all. No vacuum for the carb to work.

change the sparkplug....

Loose Carb Haiku

Carb comes loose, falls off.

Sorry your motor is broke.

I got a chuckle.

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