XR650L- Best Bike in the world-

You convinced me....bought one today....'05 w/ 300 miles, Big Gun, jetted, LED tail light, oil guage, etc, etc, etc....

Guess its time to update the ole' signature and avatar :)

Congrats :) I see more and more ppl making the right choice - LOL - the "R" must be the "R"etiring model :D

Dude...your tired

just stop already

If you love your bike, then fine close the garage door and make love to your tailpipe

but dont constantly try to put down guys who own an L and not an R...makes you look really whack

Shake yourself man

I know... and you do as well, its the rider not the bike, and theres thousands of riders who could take a bone stock L and make you look like grandma on the track or in the hills. They would beat your ass and perhaps even humble you (is that possible?). Your really starting to come off as a guy who sniffs before he flushes...

Just be proud of your bike and the work you have done. Support the motorcycle enthusiasts no matter what brand or size or model they run. Someday you may case a jump, break your neck and that L rider who was in the area just may save your life !

I am not dissing you and i have nothing against you, just think you need to check your attitude at the door man.

Can I get a hug :)

Yes, Congrats!!!

I do believe that the "R" is mostly bought buy those that "R" "R"etiring for "R"eal "R"acing! The "L"earning bike is for those that were "L"eft out. :D

LOL, thats funny :D "L"earning bike... :):)

Can I get a hug :)

Why do you want one??? Give BW one, he is slowly becomming the mino"R"ity here :)

Looks like the L is the "L"ogical choice!! My photo is small, but I am holding a Starbucks cup. It's okay JeffW, just say it, "I drink Latte's and ride." The first step is admitting it. I did, and I feel much better....

I PREFER A VENTI-MOCHA AND HAD ONE YESTERDAY WITH MY GIFT CARD...and a fellow TT member and L owner busted me... he saw the empty cup in my mini-van (another sign of an L owner)...

RATS !!!

But what "IF" I don't like Lattes??? Isn't that this milky coffee?? Then I definitely don't like it!!

I guess I have to see if there is a Starbucks here in Virginia Beach :D so I can check it out in a secret mission... Maybe thats then where I find the other XRL riders hiding here in VA :)

Oh too funny, had to go last week to the state inspection here in VA. Those two technicians at that garage have never seen a XRL. First they assumed that I converted it myself, when I told him its all stock his next question was if Honda still makes it this way these days... LOL - my hopes are sinking that I'll ever see another XR "L" or "R" here in VA Beach :)


Maybe our bike is becoming an antique - all those R riders are going to "R"egret not owning one in ten years when everybody is wanting this great piece of history....

And hey, I'VE GOT A MINIVAN TOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe our bike is becoming an antique - all those R riders are going to "R"egret not owning one in ten years when everybody is wanting this great piece of history....

And hey, I'VE GOT A MINIVAN TOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Noooooo, not that too!!! Quit posting those things here... or claim you own a "R" - fake you signature or something - LOL :)

By the way, any of you guys know how to uncork a Dodge Caravan? :):)

Is a Vente a "L" arge? 'cause that's the way I like my "L"atte's! I also prefer a doub"L" shot of Vani"LL" a.....to smooth them out....you know, kinda like a plush suspension and a soft seat!

By the way, any of you guys know how to uncork a Dodge Caravan?

I saw on some Monster Garage type show the other night where they were prepping and racing a Gremlin vs a Pacer and adding nitrous to both....so there's definitely hope for the Caravan! :)

I can't believe you owned up to have a caravan! Is that what "L" guy's use to go to starbucks for the whole office??? GMC! (We have two vans)

Na, real "L" guys use a Suburban for that - nothing better than a Chevy! Traded my Dodge Durango last year for it :)

Especially since I saw this week on TV GMs job cuts now :) At least it says Chevy on my car and not GMC - these traders. Whats wrong with them? On top they have this "Employee Discounts" for everyone now going on? Do they save that much by shifting production/suppliers to China?? I think that majorly stinks.

Jayzonk, I think there is not much hope to uncork that pinging Dodge engine :D doesn't it come with a HEMI yet??

Oh, before I forget,

Jayzonk, here is my buddy's foot after they stitched him up. Had to take the picture last week at work :)

:) I have to give him thumps-up, after crunching it last weekend he didn't miss a single day at work this week... and I bet it must have hurt that week. I only broke a bone in the middle foot years ago and with the swelling it hurt like hell letting the foot hanging anything lower than your hip.

This one was the before from my earlier posting.

The after picture is much more tolerable. G'dnight, y'all....

Yea, B-dub. I knew you were a "closet" starbucks lover! Come on out and put your little "stirring stick" back in your pants :) With your wealth of knowledge, Maybe you can help out with the uncroking of the minivans :)

Morning ya ll,

getting ready to load up the bikes to head to the local MX track in NC :) good thing they have a "L"ight duty beginner track for me - LOL before I try the advanced track.... hope I come back with all my bones in one piece.

Wonder what you guys figure out with your minivans... hehehe :)

Me and 3 other TT members just logged about 40mi in the hills along the US/Mexico border...

And YES !!!

We stopped by Starbucks before we ended our ride just to have fun and be L owners !!!

Yea man, felt here in I.B., Imperial beach/ San diego. Myself and another TT member were adjusting our valves and......wwwwwwwooooooooooooo! Shook pretty good. Glad it wasnt serious and nobody got hurt! Went out for a ride afterwards, then stopped at, you guessed it, starbucks just for you :) Glad to here no damage in your neck of the woods :)

I just logged about 120 miles on my "L" at the ride for kids in Glen Helen. I was at the riders meeting when the shaker hit.

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