XR650L- Best Bike in the world-

BWB, did u fall asleep in front of the TV??? Or do you really get up that early?? At least thats my excuse when I post at 2AM - thats when I'm on the way from the living room couch to my bed... LOL


and way cheaper to insure because of the displacement :)

Eh? Do they calculate insurance premiums for motorcycles measured by the displacement?? I don't think so. I pay $130 per year for my "L" here in VA with Progressive and I know a guy I work with who has no credit history (transferee from Germany) paying almost $300 for his older DR350... so it can't be the displacement... for sure not!

I live in California. So, it was about 12:30 when I pulled the plug. I was making some DVD's for someone that wanted one off the Yahoo group. I am down to 15% on my Hard drive :) When I bought this last computer I thought, I will never use 40gigs" well it's almost full.

Man where did those times go when 100MB was a huge HD... I need to buy a new computer the next couple weeks too. Since I bought that Sony digital camera this month, which can take full size movies and pictures my old old 500MHz PC is going on crutches and the data is exploding. On top my "mean" :) wife won't let me use hers for an extended time to get everything on DVD.

What software do you use to make DVDs??? I've found that Ulead Videostudio 9 very helpfull, especially since you can mix video and pictures together to one piece and it automatically creates those slideshows where it pans and zooms over the pictures with transition effects. Looks so much better than just a plain slideshow... and it only takes minutes using one of the few included templates.

Will I be able to jump higher and further after watching that DVD????? Or will it endanger me to kill myself??? Hmmm let me think about that...

But thanks for the offer!!



Did anyone expect something else from him after that PIG jumping video?? :)

I didn't catch the first one that quickly but it looked like it had four wheels on the ground. Did you still ride your "R" at that time with training wheels on it??? I have to play that again in slow motion... :)

Cool, we made REPLY number 300 on this dumb thread :)

That with over 9000 views, so statistical spoken every 30th reader has to post something. Since there were not postings from that many different guys I would say the few here have to read each post 30 times before they decide to reply... LOL - I am sure that is the "R" rider group here, maybe the one DRZ rider too.

And BWB on the top with posting and deleting replies - LOL - maybe he is causing that many "views" because you keep searching for his last post over the past few pages before you realize that he deleted it again :)

I think BW is a nick name for some guy that came up short in the man hood department so, to compensate, he went out and bought a XR650R. He was still feeling like there just wasn't enough to make up for the short comings so, he turned it into a 680cc, everything he could put in it for more power "Bike". Well if I have the story right, his left wrist is fused, has a screw through it and the ulna bone is not attached to his wrist so it free floats. He can't spell and won't use the spell check. Causes all kinds of trouble and should be kicked off of thumper talk.

This is one of his pictures of his bike in action:


The DRZ400'e' is the bike with 38hp and uncorked makes 40hp and 28 foot pounds torque. It's is 50+ pounds lighter then a XR650L that has not been stripped of it's 15~20 pounds. Yes, the 'e' makes more horsepower and real close to the same torque as a stock or uncorked "L". The 's' is not a 'e' and that would be the fun on the DRZ threads! It doesn't take much to make a 's' an 'e'. Thinner bottom cylinder gasket,cam, header/muffler and a FCR39 carburetor. An 's' is heavier but, that is real easy to fix. I wrote all that to say once you put just a little effort into the "L" it will be no contest between the two. You can get an easy 50hp and 42 foot pounds of torque out of a XR650L. Just takes money but, it would still be bullet proof! :) Just some trivia that I think BW would throw out there. :worthy:

All about the XR650R Click Here: :D

thanks for the info :D I guess my numbers are wrong.....I've learned that the S model has 36+ horsepower stock and the E model has 40+ stock ( unless I've been mislead :) , and it doesn't take much to get the S to 40+ horsepower.....opened airbox, rejet....and with a Yosh full exhaust or similar (in my case stainless Hindle) even a better improvement....I've also seen it written that the XR650L has 32....32 horsepower stock.....I"m just curious how you can reach 50 with just a few mods......the most I've seen is between 3-6 horsepower with "opening" the L up....that would take alot of $ and for that the DRZ could easily reach those numbers as well....look at Burned's 475 DRZ...with 51hp...with money anything is possible :D

Also, all the writeups say that compared to the DR650, and even the KLR650 the XR650L's engine is really weak....and the shortcoming of the bike...albiet uncorked (like the others)

As for the R model...it has 61 hp stock and absolutely rules :D ...and will blow the DRZ out of the water....as I've learned :D

XR650R is better.

XR650R is better.

Better, Yes most of us that know what the best is, Others just cant suck up to the truth......... :)

There are two types of horsepower number that float around. The factories use braking horsepower messured at the flywheel. Rear wheel horsepower is what we live in and is messured on a Dynamometer at the rear wheel. There right at 24%~25% difference everytime. XR650R uncorked puts out 55bhp and 44rwhp same horsepower messured different. XR650R with a stock engine with all the extras you can put on it will give you 48~49hp and 42 foot pound torque. That would give you 61bhp messured at the crank. A fully tricked 680cc XR"R" will give you58hp on the dyno and 72bhp at the crank.

Yes XR650L bone stock is 32rwhp and 36hp uncorked. but, with a 10.25:1 piston, cam, full exhaust, and pumper carburetor it will put out 50rwhp!! :) Basically the same mod's you would do to a DRZ400s to make it a DRZ400e. You don't have to change the piston because you change the base gaskit to change the compression. DRZ400s is a DRZ engine with a thicker base gaskit, mild cam, CV carburetor and corked up exhaust. The XR650L is a XR600R engine (a little different) bored over, real low compression piston, major mild cam, CV carburetor and corked up exhaust. You can get 48hp out of a XR628R Baja race bike. The XR650L is even better (wait I can't say that)

There is a DRZ400 punched out to 475cc putting out 51rwhp! still only puts out 32+ foot pound torque but, that is a lot of ponies for a DRZ.

Some horsepower charts:

There is a chart here that is right on and then there are some numbers given by other that have done dyno runs with different bikes. (you can get much higher numbers by leaving the air filter out, jetting for if and running low dampaning on the dyno so, most number don't count if the guy is just looking for big numbers and not the truth on a calibrated dyno)





Good discussion and thanks for the info BWB :) Sure looks like the XRL opens up with all those mods. I can't believe how much these bikes are choked up to pass emissions. Also, thanks for getting my point across when I said earlier that stock the XRL has more torque but the DRZS has more horsepower. Everything else we've disussed is a bonus :D

The XR650L is even better (wait I can't say that)

Now finally he said it :):) this famous quote made my signature now - LOL

malachi, how old is your son?? Just had a peek in your garage :) Mine is 8...

malachi, how old is your son?? Just had a peek in your garage :D Mine is 8...

he's 6 :) I really enjoy riding with him, he's totally hooked on dirtbiking :)

aahhh.. the XRL I own one and am happy and proud to say so, I can ride streetlegal out the area where i plan to hunt and scout around the trails on a quite capable Honda bike and ride the highway/freeway home. Is it the best bike ever? Better than somebody elses' ? Hard to say and even harder to care... my bike is My bike! yours is yours,,, KLr or 65o "Insert deification of the R hwere" ... I used to ride a MAGNA V65 and at the time I owned it, that was MY bike and the bestes ever I guess... I now prefer my XRL 1996 but I respect the rides of others.... (and i'm sure that my next bike will also be the bestest bike ever). BUT not an R>

Best bike in the world is the one (if your blessed) that you own... and ride each chance you get.

Riding is a priviledge and we are very lucky financially and healthwise to do so each and every time...no matter what or where we ride.

he's 6 :) I really enjoy riding with him, he's totally hooked on dirtbiking :)

Yep, I agree its fun... especially those little fellows look too funny on their little bikes when start handling it like the big ones. Mine is still in the beginning learning phase, got his bike at Christmas... since the last two weeks he is all proud because he figured out how to kickstart it himself :D

BW, you meant to say "R" bashing?? Didn't you?

I can tell you what "I" went through the first time I put him on his bike. He ran "ME" over twice :)

Because I expected him to roll a couple feet and being able to stop in front of me, man was I wrong.... LOL this 80cc thing is hard to stop, I got some bruises from that

I bash my L almost every Sunday...and she begs for more !

I have almost the same story! We got the XR50 and my sons were 8, 6, and 4. The oldest got on and rode fine But, the middle one wouldn't get on so, we went in the shop and I had him get on. I told him I would hold the bars and he could practice easing on the throttle. I had my back to the wall by the counter. He nails it WOT in first, front tire goes between my legs and pins me to the wall and counter top. I couldn't even think. He was so scared he just kept it WOT. My oldest, Zack turn the red switch off. I think Zeph started crying to cover up that he did it on purpose! :D He knew some day he would own a "L" and he was going to pay this jerk in front of him back ahead of time :D:D Zeb was riding it before he ever learned to ride a bike! :)

Hahahaha, I sure can picture that :)

I didn't have a wall behind me but I ended up both times on the ground with the bike and him. The sad part was that he got scared of it - don't know if he minded running me over that much. After that we had to start that over practicing throttle and front brake in the drive way with the engine not running. That was the only way I could get him back on that thing. Man that took some patience on my end!! I am sure I couldn't be a teacher for a living!!

But there a probably hundreds of similar stories out there. I have to check out your link these days (if you don't delete it before I get to it). I am looking for a 65cc 2smoker for him next year but still not sure if that is the right thing to step up from a PW80.

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