XR650L- Best Bike in the world-

thats cause you ride it the way every xr650l rider rides his bike

thats cause you ride it the way every xr650l rider rides his bike

Why do you have a picture of a sportbike as your avatar? Doesn't look like you're into XR's at all!

I think we need an inline four dirtbike. That'd be crazy!

Hey, I was thinking about going to watch the start of the Baja in November. Where can a guy stay out there? Is there a place close to the start line? When's a good day to go? One day ahead? Two days ahead??

What is the start date again?

Is there a way to see more of the race, other than the start??

B-Dub, I've checked all the hotels. There's nothing!! Is there a campground there??

How quick can a guy drive over from San Diego??

San Diego to Ensenada Mexico is like an hour drive. I am 5 min to the border myself, the last beach town, actually the most south-westerly city in the USA ! I would love to attempt the Baja 500 someday....on my L model, yeee haw !

But I dont have the funds and chase truck, etc

Why do you have a picture of a sportbike as your avatar? Doesn't look like you're into XR's at all!

i own an rgv and im only into xr's with an r on the end

JusticeDone, Is there any hotels in your town??

Ensenada is 70 miles from the border. It takes an Hour and a half to drive it at there speed limit. The big highway is a toll road. If you haven't done Mexico you should be there with someone who has. It's cool if you know what is up but, gets ugly fast if you make a mistake.

The Race Snakes from the Pacific to the Gulf of California and back a few times. If you cut the big loops you can beat the racers by quite a bit. he Baja 1000 is a smoother race then the Baja 250 and is very fast paced. There are a ton of hotels and camping spots everywhere! The Bay of L.A. is another big hang-out.


Bahia (Ens) 646-178-2101

Baja Inn (Ens) 646177-2255

Casa Del Sol (Ens) 646-178-1570

El Cid (Ens) 646-178-2401

El Cortez (Ens) 646-178-2307

La Pinta (Ens) 646-176-2601

Las Dunas (Ens) 646-176-2771

Las Rosas (Ens) 646-174-4490

Mision Santa Isabel (Ens) 646-178-3345

San Nicolas (Ens) 646-176-1901

Travel Lodge (Ens) 646-178-1601

Villa Fontana (Ens) 646-178-3434

Villa Marina (Ens) 646-178-3351

B-Dub, can you take rental cars across the border from Calif to Mexico? I've never crossed that border in a rental car. Any experience with that? Am I better off camping and following the race that way? Will I be able to figure out where to go if I've never done it before??

Hp power is how much weight you can push in a certain time. A stock XR650L with a 200 pound rider can't reach 100mph on flat ground, even if the bike is geared for it. The bike will run out of horsepower when it gets to the RPM needed to pull 100mph. A tricked out XR650"L" can do a 100mph

I swear to god my 650 L will hit 100 plus. If it's great conditions will pull to 104-105 mph.

... A stock engine XL650L can not pull 200pound person on flat land 100mph but, down hill (a cliff) maybe it can. :D:eek:

Yes, a XL650L can pull 100mph+ with a cam, 10.25:1 piston but, stock noway.

Was the NX650 motor THAT much more powerfull? I had one of the 4 speed 1988 models that hit 100mph easily with a well over 200lb rider at the time. With a generous 10% error margin either way - maybe I was going 90~110, but it still had throttle left and was willing to go. Me - I was in a tank top, shorts and flipflops :D - that's where I backed off.

That NX650 was a smile making machine in the day - good thing nobody ever talked me into taking it off road though :D

There will be tons of help there. Plenty of camping. You might have to pay but, you can pull up and camp almost anywhere if you are willing to give someone money. Stuff gets stollen a lot there. Bikes get stollen while you still touching them :D John Roberts lost two bike that were locked up in the yard (yard was locked up and has razor wire all the way around the 10 foot fence) while they were sleeping in the house! I think if you like an adventure and like asking how, what and where you can do it all on the fly. You would have to have a great attitude :D

Thanks B-Dub. I'm trying to recruit one of my buddies to go with me. Might make us a little more crime proof. It would be good if we hook up with a bigger group for camping to minimize the risk of crime.

Go to advrider.com, then ride reports...search for your destination in Mexico..I would not recommend camping just anywhere...this isn't the U.S...

Only got 88 mph out of my derestricted L but it wasn't running quite 100%

Why might it not be running right?? Something from the derestriction process? This is what makes me leary of doing it....

This truly is A FUN BIKE! mine is stock with the exception of the removal of the smog stuff and a UNI filter. Wow it pulls strong and effortlessly crusies down the road at 55-60. The only mods I have planned for the future are to replace the stock tires (when they wear down) with some Dunlops. For now I am going to run it stock I think - no carbs mods as it is impressive power wise as is.

I do know it does not like to sit for two weeks as it recently did...started okay but took 2-3 stabs at the magic button to bring her to life, as opposed to the one short one it usually takes if I ride it more often!

Only do the carb mod. if you want it to run cooler/smoother/better gas mileage on mine/ fix the cold bloodedness. One last thing it stands straight up when you wack the throttle. :banghead:

thats wild ! ... :banghead:

That is wayyy funny! What made you guys drag this forum back up? Stirring the pot??

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