Replacement clutch

Time for a new clutch for my WR. Looking on the net I found the Barrets for around $80 and a Tusk brand for about $40. I have never heard of the Tusk brand but the price seems good. If any of you out there have used this stuff before and have an opinion I would appreciate hearing it. Thanks

It is hard to beat the quality of the stock Yamaha clutch plates! :D

Hinson inner and ouiter baskets are also a good idea while you are at it. The basket wears out about the same time the plates do on our big four strokes. :)

I am running the full Hinson setup with stock plates and it rocks. If you have the extra cash, then go for a basket too. I would definatly run stock clutch plates though.

I have tried the TUSK plates and they are working well for me. I figured I'd give them a shot at that price. I'm using them with the Rekluse set up.

I'm using Tusk and they are great.. WAY better then stock!!!! atleast on my suzuki/.

you get what you pay for is all i've ever heard, and like indy said, you can never go wrong with what the company believes is right for the motorcycle. oem plates for me! i've heard from quite a number of sources that the hinson inner & outer is the way to go

Barnetts are not good quality. I have several friends that used them, could not find neutral afterwards. The frictions are apparently too grabby. They all went back to stock plates.....

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